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  • Original sound matching
  • Number of videos, views and likes
  • Record label matching
  • Number of shazams
  • Artist TikTok stats
  • Save songs to favourites
  • Historical data
  • Top Countries per song
  • Top Hashtags per song
  • FREE Premium Reports ($19/each RRP)


  • Is VAT included in the price?
    No, VAT will be added to the price, depending on your country.
  • Can I get an invoice?
    Yes, you can see all of your invoices in the "Billing and Invoices", under the Settings menu.
  • How do I cancel?
    You can cancel anytime, by going to "Billing and Invoices" under the Settings menu. You will be redirected to Stripe's Billing Portal where you can easily cancel your subscription.
  • If I forget to cancel, can I get a refund?
    Yes! You can get a refund within 14 days of your latest subscription renewal, no questions asked. You will be only refunded one period (either one month or one year, depending on your subscription). Just email us at [email protected]
  • Got more questions?
    Email us at [email protected]